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Deyan Kolev: The good time for Bulgaria is coming in 2023 year

Deyan Kolev is born in Lovech. Before a long time ago he was the first that imported Aura Camera in Bulgaria. With it he recognize the so called indigo children. He is an author of many books and there he explains what he knows and feels. Much of what he knows is connected to the future. Here what Deyan Kolev shared in front of newspaper “Home & Money”.

Mr Kolev why we live bad in Bulgaria? The population is decreasing, the money is gone… What we could put up with this? And why is so?

If there were no genocide against us we would be better. Everything else we got it – resources, energy, potential of the people who are here… Simple from outside there is a decision Bulgaria to be destroyed.

In many of your speeches you talk about the future of Bulgaria. What is it? Is it going worse?

There is one knowledge that I have inside. And I know what is going to happen. According to me we are going to be better in 2023 year. If you’re asking me why the people don’t have money, the reason is in lack of energy. It is simple sucked from Bulgaria. But I want to tell you something else. We were ruled by the Soviet union, then the americans came, the arabs, now we’re waiting for the Chinese empire. But at the end will be that we the Bulgarians will rule this world. It may sounds to you impossible, but according to me everything said and written, stays and is realized. Now in the era of Aquarius, nothing will be the same. The things won’t be the same as we know them, but in fact as to me there’s coming good times. It is not a problem only for Bulgaria to become better, it is for the whole world to make the evolution.

But see what happen? The climate is changing, it seems that the humanity destroyed 60% from the animals worldwide. To where it is going this world?

There’s one thing called “high years” in the human history. 2012 was such year. The same is for 2018. The next like that is 2023, then 2036 year and 2042 year In these years the humanity lives an evolutional jump, with or without Deyan Kolev. And Bulgaria will exists! From one side our language is changed, we started to talk faster, but we also started to live faster. This is because of the change in the speed of the planet Earth itself. Now when we wish something it may happen on the next day. The Earth vibration is increased in the moment. When you have the feeling that everything is going good, that we have a lot of energy and you can do all you need, that means that the vibration of the Earth is higher this day. This has become true thanks for the evolution of the planet. And when the planet is in evolution, this means that the same is happening to us. I think that everyone could see what I see- dimensions, portals. The things are going to happen in 2023 year. It has been planned for 2018 but for some goodness from the Cosmos, it has been decided to slow down for 5 years.


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Goodness? Does that mean that what will be happening won’t be good anyway?

It will be movement of the continents, floats, and this will happen around almost whole Earth. The reason for all that is the fact that from the planet Earth are taken the crystals, gold and other resources. Here we’re not talking about only what is happened in Bulgaria. The bad is done in the whole world. The planet want simple to clean itself. It is coming a lot of diving on the Earth.

We don’t have energy to live and to fight, we don’t have an energy to take what is ours… How to take all this energy?

Sometimes we need financial support also. Everyone makes what they want with our gold for example. Under Bulgaria there are rivers with gold and treasures.

Why don’t we use them? Why we are the poorest country in Europe then?

Before a while I found a research for the minerals that is made for the localities in Bulgaria. The analyze is saying that there is gold for 4 trillion dollars. But we can not reach the gold, because companies as Dundi precious and others are exploiting and exporting our gold from Bulgaria. Nothing is for the Bulgarian people. I think that the unconditional basis income that is made in Canada is on the base of our gold, that is why they have the resources to make it. Why are we the poorest country not only in Europe but may be in world? Because against us there is a genocide who aims to destroy the Bulgarian nation. The plan “Ran-Utt” is fully active in Bulgaria. And when I am saying those things, some are trying to shut my mouth, but I feel well, I live in Central Bulgaria, in Lovech, and everything is good.

Who stays behind this genocide?

It is the jewish genes against Bulgarian genes. And many of their ideas are realizing in Bulgaria under various of foundations. But I myself think that one have money and in others is the power.

And you think that we can put up with this? They won’t win us?

I think that this genocide continue, but as the Master Beinsa Duno is said Bulgaria is the liver of the world. If it is destroyed the whole humanity will be destroyed. So who damage Bulgaria, may know this prediction and what may happen. Shortly we will see many interesting things, as for example water cataclysmus, movement of the continents, and all this until 2023. Until then the humanity will live throw very interesting things. The Bulgarians will survive again. Here I don’t speak only for Bulgaria, but for all places that there are Bulgarians. Only for example I will give you – Macedonia there are 1 million people that want to become Bulgarian citizens and it is not given. Also it is for the people who live near the river Volga, the Volga Bulgaria.

How many Bulgarians are there around the world according to you?

According to me there are 1 milliard and 300 millions of Bulgarians. These are the people who carry the code of Idel and Tangra.

We have a potential, but our management is weak. What we have to do?

For years I am saying that we have to be managed by Khaganat, to be ruled by Khans, to have eight regions in Bulgaria. There is no point to have such big public administration. We don’t need more that 12 000 people state administration in the country.

Always when you talk to someone you are asking what sigh is? Is this important for the human?

It is important which sigh is mainly according to the Western astrology. You know there is Eastern, African, and many more but in this case we are talking about the Western. As I am saying in the astrology you can see from what you should be careful and what is going to happen to you. But to me there are coming people who want to check from which star constellation are they. So the astrology stays behind already. It was modern before 20 years.

From which constellation are most of the people in the world?

From Sirius and Orion. I am making a research and in fact a human may see its previous reincarnations not only on the Earth but everywhere in the Solar system, from there we go on a Galactic level, and finally we reach Idel. I go to Idel, this is like a cosmic walk for me, which I like to do.

Is there someone from there that could help us to put up with the situation in Bulgaria? In the moment is there someone that observes us, helps us or the opposite?

All are there – the master Beinsa Duno for example, and all the Bulgarians that has been reincarnated there. There, there are beings that help us energetically, and makes all that is possible to become one.

And the good time is coming in 2023?

Let see first whole 2018. In 2019 we are walking in high period. Things will start to change. Let’s see until when the politicians will keep us in so called circus. All that is happen to us is because of the genocide against us, but at the end we are the gene fond of the humanity. They should not destroy us and this will not happen.

For years you are seeing the auras of the people with an Aura Camera. What we could understand for ourselves from this analyze?

I already made a 4D studio and everyone could see the details of the aura. From the active photo you should see everything. First you could see if there are any external influences, as for example magics. Despite this you could see whether you are an evolutional soul. These are the people which aura is violet, indigo, crystal or white structured. These are the main marks of the so called Sixth race. The Master Beinsa Duno has predicted that when it came to Earth, everything will be changed, it will become love and beauty. Everyone that is born after 1970 year could represent this Sixth race, and even on Earth is coming Seventh race.

Which are the representators of Seventh race?

The Seventh race represents the aliens and the evolution of the human gene. The Seventh race is coming from outside Universals. The real reprentators of this race are from external Universals, these are giants, tall 4 metres. They are one gift from a Cosmos for us, to become more spiritual. It is time the Fifth race to leave the Earth and to take all their material treasures. For them it is important only cars, real estates and money.

So you think we become better people? The aggression and malice won’t us destroy day after day?

We don’t have other option. If we continue to see only the bad and the aggression, at the end won’t stay even one human here. The reason for the malice and the badness here is the lack of money for survival. Bulgarian means “Free spirit”, and Idel in fact is the ideal for the human. According to me the humanity itself is coming first from our lands. And everything started before 37 000 years. The end of Atlantis is the beginning of the Bulgarians. And I proved each word with my six books, that I managed to write despite of everything and everyone.

Many has disturbed you to work?

Let’s say that I also disturb them, also with my friends from the Sixth race. From this point of view the energy of Tangra is so powerful, and charges me directly from the Cosmos. The trials they put me on are making me even more powerful.

From who is coming the pressure?

Mostly from a political parties and pharma industry. The last want to make us to live on a pills, instead of feeding from the Cosmos.

Mr Kolev for what are you dreaming about?

The whole world to read the book “The Aura of Bulgaria”(“The Aura of Free Aries”). To switch on the egregor of Tangra, for this to happen it must be switched on the planet Jupiter or Yankul, and it comes second sun. In the next few years this is the mission for the whole Bulgarian nation. I also dream for I could see my two daughters from next year. I also dream about an annual income of 10 kg gold, 10 kg crystals and 1 diamond for every Bulgarian. And all that could come from our own mines.

Are Boyko Borissov and GERB going out from ruling the country? Will the protests be successful?

The system must be changed. We will be good and happy only if we start to be managed by Khaganat. And Boyko leaves. I know him from a past life. In this reincarnation he must turn to the spiritual.

Interview “Home & Money” newspaper, 24.11.2018

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